Proposed: 18-wheels-o-fun*

By kaydo at 9:07 pm on Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Rotary Club of Canberra are organising a scenic cycle tour of Canberra. If you’re hyper-competitive or fit, you can do one of the hardcore courses, or if you’re lame you can do the one rated ‘easy’. After the Canberra Day bike ride was seriously rained on earlier in the year, this might be a way to get the same fix. Sounds like fun.

Hit us up in the comments if you want to join in, or we’ll see you there.

* I’ll need 8 other people to realise my 18-wheel dream. There’s actually nothing truck related as I may have implied.

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Proposed: Runs o fun

By kaydo at 8:25 pm on Monday, July 9, 2007

I’m not suggesting actually running, but some enlightened fun run officials have decided to allow other forms of competitive transport in upcoming events. Seems fun. Check it:

Scooters, Rollerblades, Bikes are all welcome.

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Trikke day afternoon

By kaydo at 7:35 pm on Sunday, July 1, 2007


The review has been a long time coming, but it’s still hopefully worth sharing. After a short but intense obsession in pursuit of a trikke, we were able to realise the dream a few weeks ago in the heart of the sunny CBR.

For those of you unfamiliar with trikkes, they’re a type of scooter. There’s three large rollerblade style wheels and you rock back and forth to generate motion. Once you get moving, the action is very much like rollerblading or skiing and they are rather awesome. So awesome in fact, that we did it two days in a row. It’s not a particularly taxing activity, hence our non-exercise garb in the pics.

The folks at real fun adventures hire out various size trikkes (amongst other equipment) down by the lake at commonwealth place every weekend. In the hour we borrowed them, we managed to get from there, to the yacht club and back with time aplenty to spare. The only hazards we struck were a few heckling fishermen and generally being a bit of a freakshow. Definately something to do with plenty of others around.

We’re set for another Trikke day in the future. Keep a watch out here for more details or, as always, let us know if you’re interested.

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Big Canberra Bike Ride

By kaydo at 12:01 am on Monday, March 19, 2007

March 19th is the Canberra day public holiday AND the Big Canberra Bike Ride.  It’s a damn fine event, as those who participated with me last year can verify.  If you’re lame it’s VERY VERY like the tour de france, and if you can keep up with the main pack (i.e people on those silly recumbent bikes and children) you pretty much get the run of the road.  It’s like fame, without the need to be good at something.  Don’t do the longer circuit unless you’re capable of riding up hills.

More info from the Pedal Power website.

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Amazing CANBERRA Race

By kaydo at 12:01 am on Wednesday, February 7, 2007

We clearly don’t have sole rights on good ideas.  Here’s another.  Introducing the Amazing Canberra RaceWhile we can’t claim any responsibility for it, we’ll be there front and centre.

It’s like the ever addictive Amazing Race tv show, with less diverse scenery, more car-based travel, and waaaaaaaaay more alcohol.  It’s wholesome family fun.

The idea is to complete the task / solve the puzzle / whatever, to get the clue to the next watering hole.  You will need to team up and there’s driving involved, so a team is expected to consist of 

  • 1 car 
  • 3+ people 
  • Sober driver

For extra information and to register your team goto

An early prediction is that this will be the greatest idea of Summer 07.  Lock it in.

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Tuesday PANTS pursuit – TONIGHT!

By kaydo at 12:01 am on Tuesday, February 6, 2007
  • Venue: The lake side of reconciliation place, near the flags
  • Time: 19:30
  • Activity: Will change weekly.  Will start out with some flexible wheel based entertainment (Blades, Skateboards, Scooters, Bikes or unicycles)

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    REMINDER: First ever Tuesday PANTS pursuit

    By kaydo at 5:12 pm on Monday, February 5, 2007

    Join us!

  • Venue: The lake side of reconciliation place, near the flags
  • Time: 19:00
  • Date: Tuesday 6th Feb
  • Activity: Will change weekly.  Will start out with some flexible wheel based entertainment (Blades, Skateboards, Scooters, Bikes or unicycles)
  • Let us know if you need any equipment and we might be able to help out.  We’ll meet at the base of one of the flags at 7pm.  Anyone care to choose a country?

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    Gungahlin Drive Extension – Community Walk (10/12)

    By kaydo at 9:20 am on Wednesday, December 6, 2006

    The Gungahlin Drive extension may be annoying, but this weekend they’ve got the foresight to open it up for fun.  Folk are invited to participate in a community walk (or pedal) along the newly completed Ginninderra Drive to Barton Highway section of the GDE.  Following details lifted from the ACT govt GDE website:

    When: Sunday 10 December Time: 10am – 12pm

    Where: The walk will be from Ginninderra Drive to Ellenborough Street a distance of approximately 1.5 km (3km round trip).

    Those of you who joined in the opening of the new runway will appreciate how fun something this simple can be.

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    Event: World Long Distance Triathlon 2006

    By kaydo at 8:00 am on Sunday, November 19, 2006

    19/11: Um wow.  So apparently Canberra is hosting the world long distance triathlon for 2006 and its on the 16th of November.  Too late to start training?  Well I guess if the swim leg is in Lake Burley G, chances are I’m fitter now than I would be if I touched that water.  Anyway, could be quite a spectacle, check it out:

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    Event: Tour de Femme

    By lukeo at 8:00 am on Sunday, November 12, 2006

    Details:  Tour de Femme, Sunday 12th November 2006, 8:00am, start line Canberra Yacht Club

    The Tour de Femme is a women’s-only twenty kilometre ride that doubles as both a race and a participation event.  In 2006 it will be held on Sunday 12th November.  Many of Australia’s top female riders have competed in previous events and are expected to return this year including Oenone Wood.  Previous winners have included Oenone Wood, Alison Wright, Kim Palmer and Tracey Gaudry.  There are a range of age divisions with separate prizes that are hotly contested each year.

    In addition to those interested in racing, the Tour de Femme attracts a large number of participants who treat it as a ‘fun-run’ on wheels.  More than 600 riders competed in 2005.  Everyone who enters by the closing date will receive a T-shirt and a water bottle. It is not necessary to have a club or open racing licence to enter.  Riders from teens to those in their eighties participate.

    On line entries will be open in the next few weeks from this website.  Results of previous year’s Tours can be found here.

    Race starts at 9am on Sunday 12 November and registration is from 4pm to 6pm on Saturday 11 November at Canberra Yacht Club.

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