Review: City2Surf 2007

By kaydo at 12:28 am on Tuesday, August 14, 2007

So thanks to LukeO, you’re probably aware that I decided to dabble in a bit of competitive running over the weekend. Being otherwise unprepared for the event (i.e. I’ve never run anywhere before ever for any purpose) I thought that a completely sedentary build-up would be best. The way I justified this, is that I’d be ready to expend this otherwise unused energy on race day. This is one of many reasons I am not a scientist.

Here’s a photo of the people I was beating shortly after the start of the race:

I was passed by most of these people shortly before the first km marker.

Due to city2surf onset laziness, I want to summarise in dot points. Antics I appreciated:

  • The 35 minutes it took me to cross the start line (kind of takes the urgency out of things)
  • Metallica cover band on the roof of a pub in double bay, complete with awesome wigs
  • The dude racing in a mexican wrestling mask. Sweaty.
  • Free gatorade given away by people with entirely ORANGE HANDS (I took this as a warning of things to come)
  • The people dressed up as ANZ ATMs on heartbreak hill. I hope they were paid well
  • Ice cream trucks along the route, brilliant.
  • Spectators with beer EVERYWHERE, especially in pretty precarious locations (the spectators that is)
  • The folks around the 9km mark who had a home-made sign reading “1km to go”. I think this is genius.
  • 60,000+ doses of zany, example: 2007-08-12-city2surf-05
  • As promised in previous posts, it’s time for more stats:

    14km – Distance travelled … city2surf (though whereis tells me an alternative route means 6km/2hrs by foot)
    7.0km/hr – Speed I was going on flat bits when I remembered to check
    4.6km/hr – Speed up hearbreak hill
    28km/hr – Max Speed achieved during the event
    100% – Chance that my GPS was malfunctioning at that point
    2.2km/hr Speed I walked after the event
    7.8km/hr Speed I walked to purchase a redbull & iceblock post event


    [Update] Starting back of the pack means I should apparently take 20mins, 28 seconds off my finishing time. It took me an extra 20 minutes after that to cross the start line! Regardless, my official finishing position is 44,501st.

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Proposed: Runs o fun

By kaydo at 8:25 pm on Monday, July 9, 2007

I’m not suggesting actually running, but some enlightened fun run officials have decided to allow other forms of competitive transport in upcoming events. Seems fun. Check it:

Scooters, Rollerblades, Bikes are all welcome.

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PANTS ski team makes a debut

By kaydo at 7:46 pm on Sunday, July 1, 2007


Seriously, the photo above is of the word “PANTS” written in snow. Pretty poorly done, but it’s the thought that counts right? A few of us made the trip up to Perisher for a season kick off and to brush up on skills before the first hardcore full day. It was damn hot, sunny and fun. The focus for the day was on speed, and with the aid of GPS we learnt:

  • 5km/hr – Speed I walk. It’s slow, but it puts stuff in perspective.
  • 8.8km/hr – Maximum speed reached on the Mitchell t-bar on Front Valley.
  • 14.4km/hr – Maximum speed reached on the Village-8 chair on Front Valley. Disturbingly, it speeds up to this just before you get off.
  • 29.4km/hr – Fastest I could ski down front valley. The rest of the day was pure frustration as I tried to crack 30.
  • 30km/hr – Average speed un unnamed individual claims to walk downhill, after discussing my max speed.

Speed reports should now also figure heavily in future adventure reports. We have the technology.

Get ready for a barrage of snow related posts for the next two months. Yet to be scheduled:

  • Our first full snow day – Proposed for Perisher the weekend of July 7th/8th. Weather (i.e. SUN) and Snow permitting
  • Night skiing – It’s on. It’s just a matter of when. Keep an eye out.
  • Night Groomer rides – Perisher now offer hour-long rides on the snow groomers on Front Valley. They move at some pretty extraordinary angles, and it’s the perfect lead in for an evening night skiing. Again, yet to be scheduled.

Any other snow suggestions?

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Want to learn to Curl?

By kaydo at 9:59 pm on Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Last May some PANTSters took a trip to Bendigo for 9 hours of non-stop hilarity that was curling. Now is your chance to join the fun, rather than hijacking a competitive tournament like we did. It’s more than just running in slipperly sneakers along an ice rink, there’s sweeping, yelling and lots of friendly sledging. Gold.

From the Victorian Curling Association (which PANTS hold a membership):

The Victorian Curling Association has secured the services of Sharon Delver who is the Regional Coach of the Okanagan Training Centre in British Columbia, Canada. Sharon offers consultations for teams and coaches and at high performance camps, as well as providing services to clubs.

There are coaching clinics to be held in Bendigo on the Tuesday (22nd), Wednesday (23rd) and Thursday (24th) of May at the Bendigo ice rink.

If you are interested in attending please contact us for the paperwork or contact Janet Cobden on 5441 1519 or

Yay for crazy winter sports and many many canadians.

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Event: Bundanoon is Brigadoon

By lukeo at 12:00 am on Saturday, April 28, 2007

What the?  You must go, just to find out what the hell goes on at a Brigadoon.  Head to Bundanoon on April 28 to find out.  From all accounts it is very popular, so get there early.  More information at

PANTS is attending.

Update 28/04: Proper information will be added later, but check out the caber toss:

PANTSBundanoon 28-04-2007 1-00-53
The Caber Toss – Step 1. Approach the log.

PANTSBundanoon 28-04-2007 1-00-59 PM
The Caber Toss – Step 2. Befriend the log.

PANTSBundanoon 28-04-2007 1-01-01 PM
The Caber Toss – Step 3. Lift the log.

PANTSBundanoon 28-04-2007 1-01-17 PM
The Caber Toss – Step 4. Flip the log.

PANTSBundanoon 28-04-2007 1-01-23 PM
The Caber Toss – Step 5. Defeated, post caber-tossing


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Sydney Harbour Bridge Walk

By kaydo at 12:01 am on Sunday, March 18, 2007

It’s on the Sunday of the Canberra day long weekend, so there’s little reason not to attend.  This is a one-time deal, you get to book a place and then walk across the bridge in your allotted window.  They seem to take the whole booking/registration thing quite seriously.  You have 30 minutes to walk just over 3kms, so most folk should be able to manage it.

For those that want to be smart, the point is that you walk on the road (which you’re not normally allowed to walk on) as opposed to the path (which of course, you are).  Embrace the fun.

More info on the Sydney Harbour Bridge Walk website.

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Amazing CANBERRA Race

By kaydo at 12:01 am on Wednesday, February 7, 2007

We clearly don’t have sole rights on good ideas.  Here’s another.  Introducing the Amazing Canberra RaceWhile we can’t claim any responsibility for it, we’ll be there front and centre.

It’s like the ever addictive Amazing Race tv show, with less diverse scenery, more car-based travel, and waaaaaaaaay more alcohol.  It’s wholesome family fun.

The idea is to complete the task / solve the puzzle / whatever, to get the clue to the next watering hole.  You will need to team up and there’s driving involved, so a team is expected to consist of 

  • 1 car 
  • 3+ people 
  • Sober driver

For extra information and to register your team goto

An early prediction is that this will be the greatest idea of Summer 07.  Lock it in.

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Proposed: Islands in the city

By kaydo at 9:46 pm on Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I hate to link to, but sometimes sensationalist journalism has good ideas.  I propose an island adventure in Sydney a la:,23483,21026128-27977,00.html

It’s probably only a good idea if you like fun.  The kayak based one looks grand.  Register your interest in the comments or email


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event: Twenty20 cricket @ SCG Australia vs England.

By kaydo at 9:46 pm on Monday, January 8, 2007

It may be the form of cricket most hated by purists, but I love Symonds and this is where he shines.  I predict that this will be gold.

A PANTStrip (that’s PANTS TRIP not PANTS STRIP) is planned for the afternoon of the 9th to get to the SCG in time for the big game.  I’m sure it will be visible on tv, so just look out for the folks wearing the PANTS foundation member green armbands.

Email if you’d like a last minute ticket as we seem to have a spare.

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event: Crazy Penis at Beck’s Festival Bar, Sydney

By threeze at 8:00 pm on Sunday, January 7, 2007

The UK’s Crazy Penis are to shortly grace our shores with their original blend of pop/funk electronica.

The night starts at 8pm at:
Beck’s Festival Bar

Hyde Park Barracks
Macquarie St
Sydney NSW

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