Review: November Party 2006

By lukeo at 1:05 pm on Thursday, December 14, 2006

Well it may be a month late, but the long awaited review is here… Welcome to November 2006.

This year we tried to experiment and outsource the November Party to Muddle Bar.  All in all the evening was a lot of fun and good times had.  Certainly was not a insane as previous years, but at least this year I could remember the evening (first time in 6 years!!!).  Certainly the two highlights for me where the digital photo frame I got for my birthday from everyone and the jelly shot that I ordered.  Here is a tip:  If you get a bar to make you jelly shots, check the price FIRST.  Ordering 50 jelly shots at $5 each was the result.  And I must say, muddle can make a cocktail, but their jelly shots certainly sucked.  I wonder if they knew Vodka was suppose to go in them.  That was certainly not going to deter the fun.

A very chilled out evening, and for all those who attended a big thankyou from the PANTS crew for a wonderful evening.  We look forward to next year.  Here is a taste of the night:





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Review: GDE Walk

By lukeo at 7:48 am on Thursday, December 14, 2006

The GDE walk was as exciting as a road opening can be.  It had everything!!! A road; a protest; people in official reflective gear.  The only thing is that I believe they forgot to tell anyone there was a road opening, cause NO ONE turned up.  Well I lie, a handful of people managed to brave the 36 degree heat and go for the walk.  Check out the photos.  Below is a taste of the fun.

Kaydeo at GDE  Megan at GDE  Lukeo at GDE  GDE Sign Post

A great day had by all!!!!

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Public apology and bribery

By kaydo at 10:03 pm on Tuesday, November 14, 2006

So it seems that in our efforts to promote our little Welcome to November ’06 event this past weekend overlooked one key element.  How people who didn’t already know all of us could recognise us.  We promised an “I [HEART] CBR” badge, and it was there, but it was a tad little and so we were missed.  On behalf of the PANTS crew, we’d like to apologise, and hope that you’ll be along to our next event which will be better marked.  We’re looking for offensive merchandising to assist, watch this site for more info soon.  Suggestions for slogans should go to

By way of apology (and courtesy of BoingBoing), I bring you champagne comedy:


In the event that you’ve already seen this comedic gold, I direct you to other excuses we could have used.


On the other hand, if you were lucky to make it along to Muddle bar and partake in our exceedingly expensive jelly shots, do not look at the image above, it’s not for you.  Um, so thanks for coming!  Hope you had a smashing time.  If you were one of the people with a Camera, can you either email the ‘best of’ to or if you’ve got an account just upload photos to Flickr and tag them with joinpants.  Due to the wonders of technology they will miraculously appear on this site.

I’m sure a PANTS-ter wittier than me will write a proper review of the event, but rest assured the cost of jelly shots will be mentioned.

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carved: pumpkin!

By kaydo at 10:29 am on Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Allow me to introduce Gary.  Gary was once a Blue Jap pumpkin sold for the princely sum of $9.23.  We carved him into an angry Jack-o-lantern.  Many many many more details to follow.  But here’s Gary:

gary the jack o lantern

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Review: Jammin’ For Justice Final

By lukeo at 8:30 am on Monday, October 9, 2006

Review:  Jammin for Justice Final Saturday 7th October ANU.

Saturday night started off with a kick pit stop to get Megan and we were on our way to ANU to see Little Smoke in the Jammin’ for Justice final.  On our way we did a quick pit stop past the atm on Rudd street.  Now this may not sound exciting to you, but it was a rare event for me, as I required to do a reverse park!  As Megan had fucked one up two days previous and I may have had some witty (Megan would probably say bastard) comments, the pressure was on.  And I nailed it!!! Very happy about life and with Megan not talking to me, we headed for the Gig.

$10 at the door bought us the gig and a really cool orange charity wrist band, which I wore proudly all night.  Grabbed a few Heinies (the beer, not the bum), which came in my favourite plastic cup, and we were set for some music action.  Ran into Len, and met up with Joel and the band sitting in some of the booths at the back of the bar.  For those who are not familiar with the ANU booths, they are remarkably comfortable but meant for 7ft tall people.

I love the ANU bar, since you see all sorts of people from very very different backgrounds with very different fashion sense. An example of this was one chick who was way to overdressed, yet way to underdressed to be at a pub.  I will not go into the specific details, but lets just say her hair was longer than her skirt (literally) and skirt had splits up to the waist.  This girl playing pool was something to be not seen.  Whilst sitting down taking in one of the three bands we heard, a dude randomly came up to talk to me, and as it turned out is was Banko, a dude I went to school with.  Then as he pointed to his ‘party’ of people, it was a Dara reunion with Banko, Zonna, Widdow and Roddy.  Very strange.  It turns out the chick in the tiny skirt was his girlfriend 🙂

So time for little smoke.  I have never seen little smoke live before even though I have known Joel for years, so needless to say I was pumped.  The guys ripped it up.  They played a great set, even with the token political songs they had to put in there as a competition requirement.  After their 4 songs, the crowd, which for little smoke was about 40% bigger than any other band started shouting “one more, one more” etc.  The MC for the night at that point denied the request whilst trying to be funny, and the crowd told him in quite specific terms to get off the stage and depart from the bar.  Realising that I would smack this dude in the head while we waited for the results, I departed for Len to phone the result in to me.

Little smoke ended ranked 2nd, which was a bloody good effort as all the bands we heard where bloody good.  So a big congratulations to the boys.  On a side note, little smoke are great live.  Great music, great energy and great to have a few beers with.  If you ever get the chance, get to one of their gigs.  As for Jammin’ for justice final – great night, two thumbs up.

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Looking back: The running of the sheep 2005

By kaydo at 7:59 pm on Monday, October 2, 2006

We missed a landmark event this year. It was in the calendar but no PANTSters bothered to attend. The Boorowa Running of the Sheep is just about one of the craziest little events on the regional calendar. The concept is pretty simple, and completely lifted from the folks who rustled up the running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain. Basically who but retirees would attend the famed ‘Irish Woolfest’ if it wasn’t for such zaniness? Normally PANTS style is to do something stupid once and do it right. We didn’t do it right last year as we missed the actual running of the event. Regardless of that little oversight, I present to you these crazy clowns that were worth the trip:

Crazy kangaroo men

In case it’s not clear, these are men dressed as giant kangaroos. They had a jumping ability. They didnt appear to be providing any good, service or entertainment aside from what’s shown in the photo (i.e. nothing). Odd really.

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