Review: Wander with thousands

By kaydo at 9:27 pm on Sunday, September 16, 2007

FunRun-Floriade-2If you’re interested in such things, you may recall last week’s PANTaSk invited you to wander with thousands, and based on the turnout on the day, for once I didnt exaggerate.  Give it time.

The event began with a lazy wander down a closed Adelaide avenue towards Parliament house:

FunRun-Floriade-1You can almost see the competition amongst the competitors as they wandered and jostled for position.

FunRun-Floriade-4No, I don’t have a lot to say of any substance. It was a fun 5km walk on a kick-ass Canberra day. The roads were closed, and we had the run of the place. The walk was flat and not challenging, but it was a great new perspective of the city. That being said, our time sucked:

FunRun-Floriade-7Maybe I’ll run next year.  Was a fun event, if you didn’t give it a shot, plan to join in for 2008.  Not many things get so many Canberrans in one place.

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Review: Ice-capades in the CBR

By kaydo at 9:49 pm on Sunday, July 15, 2007


Some of the PANTS crew took a quick trip down to Winter Wonderland over the weekend. The idea of a giant tent of wintery goodness promised much, however it was a little lame. That being said, I still loved every second of it (lucky, because it cost $18).

Here’s the lowdown. The giant tent contains mostly an empty void. Other features: food (a la the show), rides (also show like), crazy lighting, a stage with no apparent purpose, an inflated snowman which is easily as tall as the tent itself, and computer games. Odd.

The cool bits?

A snowball shooting zone:

A tiny skating rink:

Pink skates!

It’s clearly targeted at children a little younger than me, and some of the execution is lacking, but its still pretty fantastic that Canberra has something like this to celebrate an otherwise cold and lifeless winter. It’s $18 and only about two hours committment, but it’s really great juvenile fun. I hope this becomes an annual feature, but for that to happen it no doubt needs some support. Get there.

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PANTS ski team makes a debut

By kaydo at 7:46 pm on Sunday, July 1, 2007


Seriously, the photo above is of the word “PANTS” written in snow. Pretty poorly done, but it’s the thought that counts right? A few of us made the trip up to Perisher for a season kick off and to brush up on skills before the first hardcore full day. It was damn hot, sunny and fun. The focus for the day was on speed, and with the aid of GPS we learnt:

  • 5km/hr – Speed I walk. It’s slow, but it puts stuff in perspective.
  • 8.8km/hr – Maximum speed reached on the Mitchell t-bar on Front Valley.
  • 14.4km/hr – Maximum speed reached on the Village-8 chair on Front Valley. Disturbingly, it speeds up to this just before you get off.
  • 29.4km/hr – Fastest I could ski down front valley. The rest of the day was pure frustration as I tried to crack 30.
  • 30km/hr – Average speed un unnamed individual claims to walk downhill, after discussing my max speed.

Speed reports should now also figure heavily in future adventure reports. We have the technology.

Get ready for a barrage of snow related posts for the next two months. Yet to be scheduled:

  • Our first full snow day – Proposed for Perisher the weekend of July 7th/8th. Weather (i.e. SUN) and Snow permitting
  • Night skiing – It’s on. It’s just a matter of when. Keep an eye out.
  • Night Groomer rides – Perisher now offer hour-long rides on the snow groomers on Front Valley. They move at some pretty extraordinary angles, and it’s the perfect lead in for an evening night skiing. Again, yet to be scheduled.

Any other snow suggestions?

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Trikke day afternoon

By kaydo at 7:35 pm on Sunday, July 1, 2007


The review has been a long time coming, but it’s still hopefully worth sharing. After a short but intense obsession in pursuit of a trikke, we were able to realise the dream a few weeks ago in the heart of the sunny CBR.

For those of you unfamiliar with trikkes, they’re a type of scooter. There’s three large rollerblade style wheels and you rock back and forth to generate motion. Once you get moving, the action is very much like rollerblading or skiing and they are rather awesome. So awesome in fact, that we did it two days in a row. It’s not a particularly taxing activity, hence our non-exercise garb in the pics.

The folks at real fun adventures hire out various size trikkes (amongst other equipment) down by the lake at commonwealth place every weekend. In the hour we borrowed them, we managed to get from there, to the yacht club and back with time aplenty to spare. The only hazards we struck were a few heckling fishermen and generally being a bit of a freakshow. Definately something to do with plenty of others around.

We’re set for another Trikke day in the future. Keep a watch out here for more details or, as always, let us know if you’re interested.

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Event/Review: Whats Next on the Postcode Pub Crawl!

By lukeo at 9:00 am on Saturday, May 5, 2007

It has been a very very busy time at PANTS of late. Ice-Hockey, Bundanoon, ANZAC Day, PANTS Postcode Pub Crawl, African Drumming, Uni Pub and more!!!!
I am tired even thinking about it!
There was a lot of interest in the PANTS Postcode Pub Crawl and the good news is we have knocked off a few postcodes, but much more fun to be had. Threeze, you have not missed the fun!!!

Whats Next:
The next instalment will be on Thursday 10th May:
7:00pm – Lighthouse (aka sails), Belconnen
After that 8:30pm? – UC Bar
How to Recognise US: We will be in possession of the official PANTS Postcode Pubcrawl Book as pictured here.

After a slow start to the Pub Crawl, it was clearly evident that my 45 minute timeslots were a bit to ambitious for us, as by the time we hit the third pub we were already 2hours behind schedule.
So moving forward, we will be trying to knock off at least 2 pubs per week, and if possible 3.

Postcodes Complete:

2600 - OPH I have not been to OPH since the summer, and what a suprise to find it very very quite. As you would expect from OPH, a very relaxed atmosphere with cheap drinks. Can’t wait for spring, where this will make it back on to my regular watering holes. The only problem was the ‘DJ’ got a bit to excited while mixing a jazz tune.

2601 – Casino Canberra (Photo misplaced)
Two-Up on ANZAC Day. Was a frenzy of fun. ‘Head em Up’ rang out across the room. Great fun, lost some money and my voice while yelling.

2603 - My Cafe, Manuka Good food, cold beer and some rain is what met us at Manuka. A PANTS regular favourite.

2604 0 Belgian Beer Cafe, Kingston This is where the action was cranking up. X!mon enjoyed a mini yard while I forced Kaydo to reach out for a beer she had never tasted before. Unfortunately it was a bad choice of beer on my part 🙂
Beer is good if you get the right one, but take some money. A round will set you back a weeks pay!

2612 - Debacle, Braddon Another PANTS regular favourites. Great range of beers, great food, great place, great… etc. My choice of beverage is the Czech that comes in a 500ml stein.

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Review: Uni Pub

By kaydo at 11:12 pm on Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Uni_Pub 19-04-2007 9-08-16 PM

If you followed some of our earlier posts here and here, you’ll know that we made a recent journey to the newish Uni Pub to check out what they had to offer. The answer is four and a bit floors of fun. The basic rundown is a ground floor pub, followed by a bistro (with a cook your own steak type deal), a pool hall, an ‘executive’ bar (seriously!) and night club. Word on the street is that its owned by the same folks at the Civic Pub and the Kingo, so it’s a little along those lines but a bit cooler and less colonial inspiration. The downstairs pub is where I think I’d spend most time, the bar is big, reasonably well stocked for beer and its large and the staff are friendly. The bistro is a bit much work for me, but if you like the equivalent stuff at Civic Pub this one will probably suit you also. Unfortunately the executive bar and nightclub were closed when we were there, but I imagine they look precisely the same as every other floor, though with different lighting (assuming the floors we saw were anything to go on).

Overall, it’s cool that Canberra finally has a mega pub (no Mooseheads has never counted), and it’s much more likely a Sydney or Melbourne pub downstairs.

I know from applying a degree of rocket science that a number of you have found our site searching for the Uni Pub. In an attempt to actually provide useful information, I’ve included a link to the google map of the location. It’s on the corner of University Avenue and London Circuit, just across from the Police Station. If they have a website, let us know and we’ll provide appropriate links.

Verdict: Go there. This will be a PANTS regular location. We rate it. If you go there, let us know, we like fun.

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Review: PANTS Beats out a tune at African Drumming

By lukeo at 1:54 pm on Monday, April 2, 2007

Its been a long time between reviews and this event is certainly worthy of a little write up.
As part of the PANTS Yearn to Learn endeavour announced back in January, the team signed up for a few little gems. Introduction to Flying, Coffee Appreciation and my personal favourite, West African Drumming!

    Overall Rating: FANTASTIC!

The drumming workshop promised to be a fun filled 3 hours on a Saturday Afternoon. Certainly the team was a bit dubious if our interest in drumming would last three hours, but be that as it may we had no hesitation in going forth.

After the first 10 minutes, we had started to make some noise, in 15 minutes it turned into more like music and after the first hour the entire group was holding on to a strong rhythm.
It was at this point in time that you feel your hands starting to burn like crazy…. Hitting a drum for an hour or more certainly makes you feel like a drum stick is a good idea rather than the traditional method.

After a quick intermission, we were back at it, adding multiple drum parts at a higher speed and making some big noise, most of which was in time and sounded fairly good.
The three hours of drumming went relatively fast and really if it wasn’t for the incredible pain I was experiencing in my hands, I could have gone for another hour no problems.

After the workshop, a quick driver reviver beverage was in order. After the beverages were sunk it was time to depart. A quick farewell high five to Kate sent pain rushing back through the hands to remind me of the fun and also proving to Kate and I that evidently I am fundamentally stupid.

The day was fantastic, great fun and rated as one of my favourite PANTS events this year. A big thankyou to Kate and Dan for the workshop. For further courses and information take a look at the drumeffect website – they run these workshops frequently and even run more lengthly courses.

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Review: Taralga Rodeo

By lukeo at 8:22 am on Monday, January 29, 2007

The mission:  Recapture the magic of Canowindra Rodeo
The event:  Taralga Rodeo
The team: Kaydo, Lukeo, Megan and Baz the wombat 

Recapture we did. Forget the Bungendore city hybrid rodeo, Taralga was the real McCoy.
We set off from Canberra, a quick stop at the big Marino for a photo and it was time to get through Goulburn and on to Taralga.  Now Goulburn you could say is not the best sign posted city in NSW, so our approach was to drive down every street until we found the right one.  So with a quick Goulburn detour (surprisingly enough, we did not take the correct streets the first time!), we found the Hwy and in the words fitting for the time, we were on the road again.   

The most amazing thing as you drive into Taralga is that you can’t see the town.  On a fairly sketchy highway, a 50 speed limit sign appears, you go over the crest of a mound (the term ‘hill’ would have been an exaggeration) and you are there. 

The rodeo had everything you expect…. Cowboys on horses , 95:1 cowboy hat ratio and lots and lots of dust!
We held a very good position right near the place where all the cowboys gather before they mount up – I will call it the departure lounge for now and we managed to see some novice horse and bull riding, before a man/bike/horse race (which I won’t even try to explain) and then the big one – the OPEN rodeo.  This is where the real cowboys ride.  They all generate lots and lots of dust that’s for sure, even the novice riders. 

Now, the departure lounge was a good base camp, but I wanted to get some good photos from the front.  I found a spot right in front of the gates on the fence where if needed is used for horse support or ambulance entry.  Another word for this spot is ‘Poll Position’.  The thing I  knew but forgot about was that when an angry horse is released, it runs straight, as fast as it can and doesn’t stop for anything including a fence.  So you could imagine my surprise when I was clicking away with my camera and thought, Jesus that horse is getting close.  As a bloke next to me starts yelling at me and two other blokes “back, back, back”, I realised there was merit in moving back from the gate.  Just in time, as the horse tried to go through the fence.  It was a close one.  My only regret was that in fear, I put the camera down – would have been a great photo!!!  There was also lots of dust in that spot to, and my camera looked like I had tried my hand at camouflage. 

After a few other scares of similar ratio, I decided that I had pushed my luck long enough and returned to the departure lounge to catch up with the girls.  On my return I learnt that a bee had tried to get down Kates shirt and gave her a lasting memory of the event.  Luckily she was not allergic, and back to the fun. 

Grabbed some grub at real country prices, stopped past the mechanical bull, enjoyed some more dust and then back off home. 

On the whole, a great day, two dusty thumbs up.  Photos coming soon.

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Review: What a year – 2006

By lukeo at 11:56 am on Thursday, January 11, 2007

Man, what a year it was!!!  The fun, the excitement, the tears, the pain of curling for 10 hours straight!  I would not change a thing.  It was crazy busy thats for sure. 

The biggest event was the grand opening of PANTS.  A concept in the beginning of the year (at the multicultural festival in fact) turned into reality due to some mighty efforts of Kaydo and Threeze, with inspiration, motivation and general laziness for yours truly.

As you have seen over the last few months, we have been up to all sorts of things.  Here are some of my own personal highlights (too many to mention):

  • Starting the year in Port Macquarie
  • Tripping to Melbourne and enjoying a few to many with Simmo and the crew once again
  • Curling in Bendigo
  • The many many parties throughout the year – especially Penny’s birthday where a met a certain someone.
  • Soccer world cup at Civic Pub – the excitement and the devastation and the sleepless nights – what an emotional rollercoaster
  • The amazing music this year – Of mention, U2, john butler, the fumes, barnsey and pearl jam, hilltop hoods, four play, drum tao
  • The ski season
  • The new arrivals Josh and Sarah
  • Gary-o-lantern.  I can’t wait for this crazy dude to be carved again!
  • The first skim board injury – Thanks for taking one for the team Simmo

And probably I have missed some!!!  I invite you to send in your 2006 highlights.

  Flappy at the BBQ Ski season   


2007 is promising to be a cracker.  Already we have had a cricket trip and more fun is promised along the way.  I wish to leave with something inspirational, so in the words of a wise and irresponsibly drunk man “I will do anything as long as I am wearing PANTS”.

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PANTStacular xmas extravaganza

By kaydo at 11:12 am on Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The mission was pretty simple, find outstanding Christmas lights in the northern suburbs of Canberra and leave them an anonymous card wishing them the best for the season.  Just to prove it wasn’t impersonal, we also tried to complement them on a specific feature of their display (e.g. “Hey, nice reindeer”).  The problem of course is that the incredible features which impressed us on the first few houses quickly became fairly commonplace.  We did only see one animated skiing Santa though, and I find it hard to believe that that could ever get old. 

I think we may need to ramp it up next year and leave scorecards.

If you’re interested in some good xmas light action, Amaroo (nearish to the school) was probably the best territory for us.  Other than that, surprisingly few people were festive (this is directed at the dude at Palmerston who wouldn’t wave to us). Meh.

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