Event: Warren Miller’s Off The Grind

By lukeo at 6:30 pm on Thursday, May 31, 2007

ITS BACK!!!  The moment, that starts the winter of skiing.  The Warren Miller Movie.

National Gallery of Australia, Thursday 31st May through Saturday 2nd of June.  Tickets from http://premier.ticketek.com.au/shows/show.aspx?sh=WARRENMI07&searchId=e279a880-708c-49eb-a961-52af0e920138

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Handball is a sport. Come see.

By kaydo at 10:54 am on Monday, May 21, 2007

The folks at ACT Handball (the olympic kind, not the playground kind) are setting up some “Come & Try Sessions” in the next few days. If you’re interested in checking out the sport, or maybe pegging a smallish ball towards a goal (as opposed to at someone a la dodgeball) then check it out…

May 22nd and May 29th
Venue: Woden Basketball Stadium
Time: 1930 – 2100
Cost: $6

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Event/Review: Whats Next on the Postcode Pub Crawl!

By lukeo at 9:00 am on Saturday, May 5, 2007

It has been a very very busy time at PANTS of late. Ice-Hockey, Bundanoon, ANZAC Day, PANTS Postcode Pub Crawl, African Drumming, Uni Pub and more!!!!
I am tired even thinking about it!
There was a lot of interest in the PANTS Postcode Pub Crawl and the good news is we have knocked off a few postcodes, but much more fun to be had. Threeze, you have not missed the fun!!!

Whats Next:
The next instalment will be on Thursday 10th May:
7:00pm – Lighthouse (aka sails), Belconnen
After that 8:30pm? – UC Bar
How to Recognise US: We will be in possession of the official PANTS Postcode Pubcrawl Book as pictured here.

After a slow start to the Pub Crawl, it was clearly evident that my 45 minute timeslots were a bit to ambitious for us, as by the time we hit the third pub we were already 2hours behind schedule.
So moving forward, we will be trying to knock off at least 2 pubs per week, and if possible 3.

Postcodes Complete:

2600 - OPH I have not been to OPH since the summer, and what a suprise to find it very very quite. As you would expect from OPH, a very relaxed atmosphere with cheap drinks. Can’t wait for spring, where this will make it back on to my regular watering holes. The only problem was the ‘DJ’ got a bit to excited while mixing a jazz tune.

2601 – Casino Canberra (Photo misplaced)
Two-Up on ANZAC Day. Was a frenzy of fun. ‘Head em Up’ rang out across the room. Great fun, lost some money and my voice while yelling.

2603 - My Cafe, Manuka Good food, cold beer and some rain is what met us at Manuka. A PANTS regular favourite.

2604 0 Belgian Beer Cafe, Kingston This is where the action was cranking up. X!mon enjoyed a mini yard while I forced Kaydo to reach out for a beer she had never tasted before. Unfortunately it was a bad choice of beer on my part 🙂
Beer is good if you get the right one, but take some money. A round will set you back a weeks pay!

2612 - Debacle, Braddon Another PANTS regular favourites. Great range of beers, great food, great place, great… etc. My choice of beverage is the Czech that comes in a 500ml stein.

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Review: Uni Pub

By kaydo at 11:12 pm on Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Uni_Pub 19-04-2007 9-08-16 PM

If you followed some of our earlier posts here and here, you’ll know that we made a recent journey to the newish Uni Pub to check out what they had to offer. The answer is four and a bit floors of fun. The basic rundown is a ground floor pub, followed by a bistro (with a cook your own steak type deal), a pool hall, an ‘executive’ bar (seriously!) and night club. Word on the street is that its owned by the same folks at the Civic Pub and the Kingo, so it’s a little along those lines but a bit cooler and less colonial inspiration. The downstairs pub is where I think I’d spend most time, the bar is big, reasonably well stocked for beer and its large and the staff are friendly. The bistro is a bit much work for me, but if you like the equivalent stuff at Civic Pub this one will probably suit you also. Unfortunately the executive bar and nightclub were closed when we were there, but I imagine they look precisely the same as every other floor, though with different lighting (assuming the floors we saw were anything to go on).

Overall, it’s cool that Canberra finally has a mega pub (no Mooseheads has never counted), and it’s much more likely a Sydney or Melbourne pub downstairs.

I know from applying a degree of rocket science that a number of you have found our site searching for the Uni Pub. In an attempt to actually provide useful information, I’ve included a link to the google map of the location. It’s on the corner of University Avenue and London Circuit, just across from the Police Station. If they have a website, let us know and we’ll provide appropriate links.

Verdict: Go there. This will be a PANTS regular location. We rate it. If you go there, let us know, we like fun.

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tap tap…

By kaydo at 11:24 pm on Friday, April 27, 2007

african drumming 31-03-2007 4-55-56 PM

A series of West African Drumming Classes will be starting on Tuesday 1st May and will run for 10 weeks. If you caught our post about our West African drumming experience, you’ll know that it’s a pretty kick-ass high energy activity. Join LukeO in diving head-first into drumming lessons now.

More info from www.drumeffect.com.au

Update: Revised Dates – LukeO

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Event: Rhyme Intervention at ANU

By lukeo at 4:28 pm on Friday, April 27, 2007

Canberra’s biggest Hip Hop charity event will be held on Saturday 19th May from 3pm – 12am at ANU Bar.
All profits of the event will be going to the ACT Cancer Council. So get there in support.

Some Specifics:
$25 at the door with the official after party to be held at Transit Bar.
There will be 2 stages with a total of 24 acts.

Larger Version

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Uni Pub Drinks (Pants optional)

By threeze at 12:01 am on Thursday, April 19, 2007

Yo Yo Yo,

Tonight. Uni Pub. Drinks and pool and maybe bistro type food.

Time: After work.
Place: Uni Pub
Address: University Avenue, Canberra, Australia

Be there or be elsewhere, it really isn’t that important, but we would prefer it if you came.

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Post Pointing-out Pubtastic Pants Participation

By threeze at 10:21 pm on Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Ever been confused as to why a pub has the name it has? Like, Civic Pub? There is nothing terribly civc minded about the place, but it does have a great atmosphere and beer and pool tables.

Turns out the people that own that place opened another obtusely named place, the Uni Pub.

And Thursday night, PANTS is going there. There is likely to be purchases made (probably involving beer or a chicken parmie) and hopefully I can get on a pool table and show to the world why I should never be allowed on a real life pool table out in public. Oh, and I can’t wait to see if they have a jukebox and if it has as good of a selection as I remember the Civic Pub having when I was at uni.

So, that’s Thursday Night at the Uni Pub (on University Avenue).

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Review: Balloon Fiesta

By kaydo at 10:14 pm on Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Balloons_Canberra_ 14-04-2007 8-57-06 PM

Some of the PANTS crew put in an appearance at the Night Time part of the Canberra Balloon Fiesta. The above photo is my attempt to demonstrate my serious need for a tripod and the pretty pretty lights. I’ll let you be the judge.

Anyway, it was completely the place to be if you had a child in a stroller. It never occurred to me that this would be a wholesome family event. So be it. Wading through thousands of tiny children with blue light sabres we found ourselves a spot directly across from what turned out to be a sherrin football. Yes! A football full of air! (actually rather cool).

The whole shindig began, for us at least, with some skydivers landing in the middle of Manuka Oval. Then they began to fill the balloons on the oval which were somewhat dramatically tethered. Cue the music and the lighting of balloons in time. Classy stuff.

Verdict was that it was a pretty cool spectacle, and certainly worth going to next year if you didn’t make it down there for the 2007 spectacular. Its far easier to rock up at night than pre-dawn. I might go back to the parliament house lawns next year, I’ve got about a year to work up to the ridiculously early call time.

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Event: Canberra Balloon Fiesta Night Time Spectacular

By lukeo at 6:00 pm on Saturday, April 14, 2007

Saturday 14th April 2007
Tickets from Ticketek.
This night-time event will be the first evening addition to the Fiesta, and will feature music, food, family fun and of course a majestical nightglow, starring many of the balloons of the Fiesta.

Make sure that the kids rug up – and don’t forget your video or stills camera! All the family will be able to get up close to the balloons on Manuka Oval.

The family will have lifelong memories of the colour, sounds and excitement as these graceful giants slowly expand, transforming into massive balloons of varying shapes and sizes – lighting up the night sky!

Corporations will be able to enjoy a 3 course dinner – contact info@balloonfiesta.com.au for dining packages.

The 2007 Balloon Fiesta in Canberra will attract balloons from all over the world including a variety of special shapes to delight children and adults alike.

The launch site at Old Parliament House will be alive with activities every morning including live entertainment, exciting competitions, educational opportunities and tethered balloon rides.

6:00pm : Gates Open Music & Attractions
6:30pm : Video Production
7:30pm : Balloon Glow & Fireworks
Please Note : Running times are approximate and may be subject to change.


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