PANTaSk – Week 1 (8 Jul) – Post stuff

By kaydo at 9:49 pm on Sunday, July 8, 2007

Those of you who have re-call that extends beyond 12 hours, may remember the announcement of a weekly PANTaSk. The criteria is something unusual or fun which can be accomplished in a week. Generally not a zany group activity like our other stuff.

Week 1: Post stuff


  • Buy 5 zany or comically bad postcards (I think it should be a site-wide agreement that we’ll never buy those “[insert town name] by night” postcards that are just completely black)
  • Pop over to
  • Register to get a login on their site
  • Get yourself 5 addresses and postcard IDs
  • Mail the postcards, make them brilliant and witty like the folks you are
  • Receive your postcards from random postcrossers around the world. Make new friends
  • Tell us about the brilliant time you had on your PANTaSk
  • Profit*

Participation requirements: Very few, even non-Canberra PANTSters can join in this one.

Required task completion date: 15 July

We’re always taking suggestions for future weeks, hit us up in the comments. If you participate it would be lovely if you took a photo, if you do, please send it to us. We love mail too.

* There’s no actual profit, nor chance of profit. This is really only likely to cost you a few bucks though.

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Comment by LukeO

July 9, 2007 @ 1:57 pm

I’m in and registered! All I need is some postcards. There is a hot dollar opened at Belconnen, so hopefully that will produce some gold!

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Comment by LukeO

July 16, 2007 @ 8:29 pm

My postcards were sent to Japan, Finland, Estonia,Malaysia and US. Postcards were sourced for Old Parliament House and our message was simple: “”
You can check out my Pantask photos at

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