Event: Canberra Balloon Fiesta

By lukeo at 6:00 am on Friday, April 13, 2007

13 – 16 April 2007

If you are the sort of person to get up amazingly early for no good reason at all, if you’re the sort of person willing to freeze your extremities off for adventure and if you don’t mind lining up with 20 other people for expensive bad coffee then this is the event for you!!!

In all seriousness, this is an amazing thing to watch if you can be arsed getting up.  I have been a few years and well worth it.  Over 50 balloon launch from Old Parliament House and float about for an hour or so before landing on roads and ovals all over Canberra.  Take your camera.  For more info visit www.canberraballoonfiesta.com.au

[ED: This event was marked as March for some reason.  It’s AprilAprilApril.  Thanks SGS for spotting the error.]

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