Review: PANTS Beats out a tune at African Drumming

By lukeo at 1:54 pm on Monday, April 2, 2007

Its been a long time between reviews and this event is certainly worthy of a little write up.
As part of the PANTS Yearn to Learn endeavour announced back in January, the team signed up for a few little gems. Introduction to Flying, Coffee Appreciation and my personal favourite, West African Drumming!

    Overall Rating: FANTASTIC!

The drumming workshop promised to be a fun filled 3 hours on a Saturday Afternoon. Certainly the team was a bit dubious if our interest in drumming would last three hours, but be that as it may we had no hesitation in going forth.

After the first 10 minutes, we had started to make some noise, in 15 minutes it turned into more like music and after the first hour the entire group was holding on to a strong rhythm.
It was at this point in time that you feel your hands starting to burn like crazy…. Hitting a drum for an hour or more certainly makes you feel like a drum stick is a good idea rather than the traditional method.

After a quick intermission, we were back at it, adding multiple drum parts at a higher speed and making some big noise, most of which was in time and sounded fairly good.
The three hours of drumming went relatively fast and really if it wasn’t for the incredible pain I was experiencing in my hands, I could have gone for another hour no problems.

After the workshop, a quick driver reviver beverage was in order. After the beverages were sunk it was time to depart. A quick farewell high five to Kate sent pain rushing back through the hands to remind me of the fun and also proving to Kate and I that evidently I am fundamentally stupid.

The day was fantastic, great fun and rated as one of my favourite PANTS events this year. A big thankyou to Kate and Dan for the workshop. For further courses and information take a look at the drumeffect website – they run these workshops frequently and even run more lengthly courses.

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