Review: What a year – 2006

By lukeo at 11:56 am on Thursday, January 11, 2007

Man, what a year it was!!!  The fun, the excitement, the tears, the pain of curling for 10 hours straight!  I would not change a thing.  It was crazy busy thats for sure. 

The biggest event was the grand opening of PANTS.  A concept in the beginning of the year (at the multicultural festival in fact) turned into reality due to some mighty efforts of Kaydo and Threeze, with inspiration, motivation and general laziness for yours truly.

As you have seen over the last few months, we have been up to all sorts of things.  Here are some of my own personal highlights (too many to mention):

  • Starting the year in Port Macquarie
  • Tripping to Melbourne and enjoying a few to many with Simmo and the crew once again
  • Curling in Bendigo
  • The many many parties throughout the year – especially Penny’s birthday where a met a certain someone.
  • Soccer world cup at Civic Pub – the excitement and the devastation and the sleepless nights – what an emotional rollercoaster
  • The amazing music this year – Of mention, U2, john butler, the fumes, barnsey and pearl jam, hilltop hoods, four play, drum tao
  • The ski season
  • The new arrivals Josh and Sarah
  • Gary-o-lantern.  I can’t wait for this crazy dude to be carved again!
  • The first skim board injury – Thanks for taking one for the team Simmo

And probably I have missed some!!!  I invite you to send in your 2006 highlights.

  Flappy at the BBQ Ski season   


2007 is promising to be a cracker.  Already we have had a cricket trip and more fun is promised along the way.  I wish to leave with something inspirational, so in the words of a wise and irresponsibly drunk man “I will do anything as long as I am wearing PANTS”.

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